Betting glossary

With sports betting, there are wide variety of different terms used to describe different markets, results or bet types. Sometimes there may be more than one term to describe the same thing.
In this page, the Rivalo Betting Glossary, we explain some of the most common terms that are used both specifically by Rivalo, and those that are used all around the betting industry.
At Rivalo, we are always looking for ways to improve our service and information, and we will update this page with necessary terms that are related to new Sports & Markets that we will offer. If you have any feedback or ideas about this or any other Rivalo page, please contact our Customer Service Team who will be glad to help.


A numerical term for the Home team/player on a betting market or event. Commonly used on markets such as 1x2.


A term used for a Draw on a betting market or event. Commonly used on markets such as 1x2.


A numerical term for the Away team/player on a betting market or event. Commonly used on markets such as 1x2.


2-Way is a type of betting market. This type of betting market would offer only two outcomes to place bets on. Examples of 2-Way markets are sports where a Draw is not possible, such as match winners for Tennis, Volleyball and Basketball.


3-Way is a type of betting market. This type of market offers 3 possible outcomes to place bets on, with the Soccer market 1x2 being the prime example with 3 betting options offered to cover all possible results of the game with Home, Away and Draw.


If any event would start but not be completed, the event is considered to be Abandoned if it will not be resumed or completed. For betting purposes, matches that end early due to Retirements or Disqualications are referred to by these names, and not as Abandoned.


A team or player chosen as a Banker has to win and will be included in all combinations – all Banker selections in your bet must win otherwise all combinations of the bet will lose.

Bet Status

The Bet Status indicates what the current position is of any bet you place. The statuses are colour coded to let you know the status of a bet or individual selections at a glance, with the colour key seen in My Bets and on the Matrix.
Open - bet slip / Selection has no result and is unsettled
Won - bet slip / Selection has won and will be paid returns if required
Lost - bet slip / Selection has been unsuccessful and has lost
Sold - bet slip has been sold / cashed out before the final result is known
Cancelled - bet slip cancelled online by the customer or the event is postponed/abandoned
Paid Back - bet slip / Selection has been invalidated and made void after the initial result was applied
Invalid - bet slip / Selection is not valid
Refused - The bet slip was refused by the traders after a bet request was sent, or the offered stake from the traders was refused by the customer
There are also some temporary bet statuses that you may or may not see on the Rivalo website, and these are generally seen when you submit bet requests from the bet slip;
Requested - The bet slip has been sent to the traders as a bet request and is waiting for review / response
Part-approved - The bet slip sent as a bet request was not accepted in full, but the traders have offered a lower stake


The Betslip is where any selections you choose from events and markets appear, and where you choose what type of bets and stakes to place.
The Betslip appears on the right side of the Rivalo website, and offers the chances of Single, Combi & System bets.
At the bottom of the betslip, below your chosen selections and bet types, there are different items of interest to be aware of;
Stake; This is the stake value you want to place on the bet itself (1 x Single / Combi]
Stake per bet; this is the individual stake for each bet type chosen from your selections, You must multiply the stake per bet by the number of bets shown to get your total stake
Number of bets; This is the number of bet types chosen in your betslip, this is only shown if you have more than 1 selection on your slip and looking at the Singles tab, or if you choose to place a System bet and choose from the bet types available
Max Payout; This is the potential winnings for the bet if every selection that you have chosen wins
Max Odds; This value is calculated from the max payout value divided by the stake / stake per bet amount
Total stake; this is the total cost of the bet based on the bet type(s) and stake per bet that you have chosen before


A Bonus is an additional betting balance that is available to place bets with, and has a required Turnover to be met before a withdrawal can be made.
Rivalo offers a number of bonuses to eligible customers, with details found in the Promotions page.

Cash Out

The Cash Out option on Rivalo gives you more control of your open bets.
Cash Out offers you a chance to take winnings on your bets before all the events are finished, or to return part of your stake if the bet is losing.

Clean Sheet

A Clean Sheet is achieved by a Team in any event where they do not concede any goals or points for the duration of the match. A Soccer match ending 3-0 would be referred to as a Clean Sheet for the home team.

Combination Bets (Combi)

Combination Bets (Shortened to Combi) is a bet type, and is a bet that is placed on 2 or more selections to win. The bet type itself requires all selections chosen to win for the bet to be considered successful.
Combination bets are also known as Accumulators.

Dead Heat

A Dead Heat is an outcome to a betting market where 2 or more competitors finish the event at the exact same time, or finish with the exact same scores with nothing left to separate their positions.
In the event of a Dead Heat, stakes for bets on both participants are considered as half lost, with half the stake winning and paid at the odds taken. If there are more than 2 participants involved, then the bet stakes are divided further according to the number of players involved.

Extra Time

Extra Time refers to a period of additional time played following a draw after the regular period of play is completed. This is most common for Soccer competitions where a winner is required, and scores are level after the 90 minutes scheduled time is completed.
Extra Time does not apply in regular bets that are placed for events unless specifically stated in the betting market, and must not be confused with added on or injury time that is added onto the 90 minutes .playing time to replace time lost during the regular gameplay.


The Favourite is the team, player or driver considered to be the favourite on the betting market. The odds of this participant will be reflective of the status of them as the favourites, with the odds smaller for ones considered as stronger favourites.

Free Bet

A Free Bet may sometimes be offered to customers from Rivalo, and is an entirely free betting stake that will not be deducted from your account balance.
If a Free Bet is successful, then any winnings paid out will not include the free bet stake amount.


A Handicap is a number of goals or points that is given as a head start to a team, or as a negative score to overcome for betting purposes.
The favourite team or player in an event would have a handicap that theoretically makes them start at a negative score, and must win the match from this point to make the bets on the handicap win.
The Underdog of an event would have a handicap that gives that team or player a head start, where they start with a score already registered for betting purposes, and must either win the game normally, or not lose by a score that overtakes the handicap given.
Handicaps markets are listed with various options of advantages or disadvantages applied, with 1:0 meaning the home side get a 1 goal start, 0,2 gives the away side a 2 goal start and so on.
For other sports, the handicap may show 3 fields, such as 0:1,5 or 2,5:0. This is for different handicaps where there is no option to bet on a draw and this is because there is a "half" point or goal applied so that after a handicap is applied, the scores cannot be tied.
0:1:5 is the away side with a 1,5 point start, 2,5:0 is the home side with a 2.5 point start.


Often displayed as H-2-H, this is betting on player v player/team v team on a 2-Way market. This is common across many sports and may not always be known as Head to Head but have the same overall meaning and requirements to win the bet.

Late Bet

In any instance where a bet is placed after the result of a market is known, after a goal or point has been scored, or after a significant event occurs that may affect the odds, is considered as a Late Bet.

Live Bets

Any bet placed from the Rivalo Live Betting area on an event that has started is considered as a Live Bet. For Live events, the odds update constantly to coincide with the status of the game and the current score.
When betting live, there is a delay applied to accepting any live bet to ensure there are no key changes in the event that would affect the outcome of the market you are betting on.
When you view a Live Bet in your My Bets section, the score of the event at the time you placed the bet will be shown.


Matrix is a Rivalo term used to describe the breakdown of bets in the My Bets section of our website. The Matrix will show the breakdown of individual bets and is helpful to see all individual pay-outs for System bets where there will be more than 1 bet type placed.

Money Line

The Money Line is a name for 2-Way match result markets, and is often seen on Basketball, Ice Hockey, American Football & Baseball due to it being a common term for American competition sports.
The Money Line is the same as any other 2-Way match result market, it offers odds for the 2 participants only and does not include the option to bet on a draw, even if a draw is a possible result.


The Odds are what we use to show the customers the likelihood of certain outcomes happening in betting markets. Every outcome that we offer betting markets for has its own individual odds available. The size of the odds, high or low, represent the chances of that outcome happening.


This is a type of betting market, and is generally applicable to the overall competition rather than individual events. You can place bets on who will win groups, leagues, stages, competitions and cups - these are known as Outright bets.


Overtime, similar to Extra Time, is an additional period of play that takes place after the scheduled regular time for an event is completed.
Unlike Extra Time, Overtime is very common in numerous sports for regular league games. American Football & Basketball are two sports where Overtime takes place regularly after the normal time period is played.

Palpable Error

Where the odds for a single selection or an entire market are published incorrectly, this is known as a Palpable Error or an Obvious Error.


As opposed to Stakes - A payout is the value paid out for a successful or sold betslip.


The betting term of Place can apply to a result and as a specific betting market. Rivalo do not apply Place as a result, and offer the market of Place on certain Outright betting markets.
The Place market, common on Outright for Motorsport, allows you to bet on a participant to finish in the stated number of places at the end of the race.

Point Spread

The Point Spread is the American term used to described the Handicap market for sports events.
Point Spread is the equivalent of a 2-Way Handicap market on any event, and is therefore more common in the NFL, NBA, NHL and other American Sports and leagues from the same sports.


An event that is rescheduled due to reasons such as weather conditions or safety concerns is considered a Postponed event, the event will generally take place at a future time as determined by the relevant leagues governing body.


Any participant in a player specific event or competition that would be forced to withdraw due to injury or other circumstances will be classed as a Retirement.
A player considered as retired has different impacts on bets placed depending on whether the bet is on a single event, or on an Outright market for the specific competition.

Risk Free Bet

A Risk Free bet is a promotion where the customer places a bet with his own funds, selecting the Risk Free Bet option in the betslip. If the bet wins the returns are paid in full. If the bet loses, then the stake is refunded to the customers account as non-withdrawable funds.

Single Bet

A Single Bet is a bet on one selection to win from the market you have chosen. A Single bet is beneficial as you only require one result to go your way to be successful, however the potential returns and profit can be less due to it only being on single selection. 

Special Bets

Special Bets are markets that are not available regularly. These can be markets on individual events or groups of events in specific leagues or competitions, or be completely new markets for events such as Politics, Television shows or Awards Ceremonies.


Stake is the total value of the betslip you want to place, and is the cost for you to place the bet.

System bets

With System bets, which is an available betslip type, you have the chance to place several combinations of bets on different teams in the same betslip. From a chosen number of teams, you can bet on each team to win individually in separate bets, all combinations of 2 teams winning, 3 teams winning and so on.
The below are the System bets available and how they work with 4 teams added to the betslip;
1 x Combin. (4 bets) – 4 separate bets on each team to win
2 x Combin. (6 bets) – Combinations of any 2 teams from the 4 to win, this is 6 bets in total due to 6 possible 2 team combinations
3 x Combin. (4 bets) - Combinations of any 3 teams from the 4 to win, this is 4 bets in total due to 4 possible 3 team combinations
4 x Combin. (1 bet) – 1 bet on all 4 teams in the betslip to win
Depending on the number of teams you choose, the number of combination types available will change. The number of bets for each combination are displayed on the betslip, and you simply multiply the relevant options by your stake to calculate your total stake for all bets you want to place.
System bets can be a complicated type of betting, and it is recommended to only be used should the concept be fully understood before attempting to place these types of bets.

System Bets with Bankers

An additional option is available when placing system bets, these are known as Bankers. A Banker selection must win otherwise the entire bet loses. To make a team/player a Banker, you must click the ‘B’ on the betslip to left of the participant’s name; when the ‘B’ is black fill with white text, this selection is a chosen Banker.
The Banker is included within all combinations of bets, which is why the entire bet loses if the Banker(s) are not successful. The number of combination bets available changes when you add one or more teams as a Banker, due to them being included in every possible combination.
With 5 teams on the betslip, a normal system bet gives 4 bet types based on the different combinations of 1/2/3/4 teams.
With Bankers chosen, the system bet types available change to suit both Bankers being in every bet type. The combination bets available when 2 bankers are chosen from 5 teams on the slip is below as an example;
2 x Combin. (1 bet) – 1 Combi on the 2 Bankers to win
3 x Combin. (3 bets) – Combis of the 2 Bankers to win with any 1 of the other 3 teams to win (3 team combis)
4 x Combin (4 bets) – Combis of the 2 Bankers to win with any 2 of the other 3 teams to win (4 team combis)
5 x Combin. (1 bet) – Combi for all selected teams to win, including Bankers; this is the same as a normal system bet for all teams to win.
For more teams added to the betslip and more Bankers chosen, the combination bet types available will change to match.
Once the Bankers are selected and the bet type chosen, the calculation of winnings and the settlement of the bet is the same as a normal system bet, remembering that any Banker selection(s) have to win or the bet will lose.


Totals, in general, would refer to the goals or points tally in a sports event. It can also be used to describe any betting market that offers you a chance to bet above or below a total number of a specific item occurring, such as corners & cards in Soccer, rebounds in Basketball or Rushing Yards in American Football.


The Underdog is the opposite to the Favourite for a sports event, and is considered to be the outsider not expected to win the event. The odds for the Underdog will reflect the outside chances of success.


A Walkover, sometimes stated as W.O, is the awarding of victory to a team, player or pairing due to there being no opponent to face, or due to the scheduled opponents being disqualified from the event or have retired from the competition.
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